What exactly is life coaching? Life coaching is a method counseling that facilitates positive changes to help the individual reach desired goals.

These goals can be personal or professional. The life coach acts as a facilitator helping the client find answers that give them the best opportunity to reach their goals.

At Protimefit,  we utilize motivational interviewing, which is one of the most effective forms of counseling.

This method works to encourage self-dialogue and critical thinking without fear of judgment by the client.

Our life coaching program also includes self-guided materials to help the client find clarity of thought. These materials help the client dig deep into the past to uncover what could hinder progress toward the desired objectives.

The program will give insights into thinking, motivations, fears, self-esteem, and trauma.

This program does not take mental health professionals' place, and we will recommend clinical intervention if the client's concerns go beyond our scope of practice.

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