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Weight Loss And Holistic Health Coaching


The fitness industry sometimes will promise you the world. It can all be confusing and overwhelming, to say the least.

Our mission at ProTimeFit is to partner with you to help improve your health and general well being.

Our holistic approach addresses the physical and mental aspects of health.

We believe good health is the cornerstone of a successful life.

Health Coaching

Good health is more than physical. Health is defined as a balance of the whole person. This means that health is more than the abscence of disease but optimal function of the person.   Our coaches partner with you to help you gain insights of your emotions, physical and spiritual conditions. Our science-based approaches have been shown  to be remarkably effective for permanent lifestyle changes.

Meal Planning

We offer meal planning along with nutrition education, so not only can you recognize food choices that will help you reach your goals but also  foods that help your body to heal, repair and function optimally.

Lifestyle Planning

If you are struggling with many aspects of your life, this may  be preventing you from making the changes you want. Emotions and mental health are as important as physical health that's why we offer Life coaching. Our life coaching will give you the tools to change your life. We use methods such as motivational interviewing along with other science-based  approaches to help you make the changes that will improve your life.

Functional Fitness

Movement or exercise is important for overall health.  We encourage exercise and play as preventative medicine along with a healthy diet. Exeercise helps our body's to maintain strength, vigor and the ability to carry out our activities of daily living. We will inspire you to make movement or exercise, a part of your lifestyle for an abundant life.


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